Health, Safety and Environment

Health and safety are part of our core values. People are our most important asset, so it is always our top priority to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. To do this, we implement a strict health, safety, and environment (HSE) policy on all of our projects. We are committed to the protection of the environment and are sure to apply best practices to minimize environmental pollution.

Due to the complexity of many of our projects, our on-site teams face a number of challenges ranging from simple to hazardous. We strive to prevent accidents or injury to our employees and partners in the face of any and all conditions. Over the past several years, we have introduced company-wide campaigns to increase awareness and teach skills so that our employees have the training, knowledge, and tools to work safely.

While we have made tremendous progress, including major improvements to our lost time injury frequency rate, we are constantly working to improve workplace safety. Gama always endeavors to find ways to work more safely and efficiently and integrate HSE into every aspect of our operations. Our knowledge-sharing culture helps us towards that goal, emphasizing strong communication and consistent accountability.

Our HSE Principles



We comply fully with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and recognized codes of practice. When we find ourselves falling short of full compliance, we immediately work to introduce new internal standards and policies to ensure that we hold ourselves to the highest legal and moral standard.


Performance measurement:

Gama is always growing and learning from its experience. In order to maintain the highest level of operations, we are constantly measuring our work against HSE performance indicators. We monitor our operations for compliance with all applicable HSE laws and regulations through periodic audits and thorough reviews.


Contractor performance:

We are committed to providing a safe working environment to everyone involved with our projects, including contractors. The standard contract we use specifically holds contractors to Gama’s highest HSE guidelines, and we work closely with partnering firms to maintain the highest standard of HSE compliance and performance.


Continuous improvement:

Our management framework highlights HSE at all stages: setting targets, measuring performance, managing risks, investigating incidents, and reporting results. By regularly reviewing our achievements against the HSE strategy’s goals, we continually improve our safety performance.