Thermal coating oven

Powder coating is a process that protects materials from rust, dust, and other environmental factors by creating a protective resin finish. Once the granulated powder of thermoset and thermoplastic is sprayed on the surface, it needs to go into the powder coating oven to cure. Curing the coated powder makes the pigment and plastic adhere firmly to the metal surface and gives a smooth incomparable finish.

Crital Works

Agyad Company is interested in fertilizing works in Egypt, and it was one of the most important factories in Egypt that manufactures fertilizing iron with computer lasers. Therefore, we developed ourselves...

Signs and road barriers

Traffic barriers keep vehicles on the road and prevent them from colliding with dangerous obstacles while working in various sites, such as paving roads, making openings in the roads, spreading electricity cables, making exploratory surveys, and other work.

Drainage channel

Shop sewage channels and driveway channels made of iron here today from Agyad Company, with delivery in record time, with discounts and special offers.

Pulling Roll

Get the drag reel online from Ajyad and other general spare parts at the best prices in Egypt

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Mud Mixer Unit

The unit is used to make up drilling fluid, to change the density, viscosity, dehydration, acid-base property etc. It is suitable for drilling mud aggravation and Unit sizes range from 3 meters to 25 cubic meters.


A flange is a mechanical device used to connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to form a pipeline system. Flanges provide a means of attaching and sealing two pieces of equipment together, allowing for easy maintenance and disassembly

Fly Cutter Reamr

This open-bodied horizontal directional drilling reamer features steep taper wings with two rows of large carbide cutters, aggressive in all soils

Rock Reamer

Agyad offers standard rock reamers which are available in a wide variety of cutting structures and sizes covering the entire range of HDD rock drilling .

Barrel Reamr

Complete your HDD bores in soft and sandy ground with Agyad Barrel reamers, ideal for steady borehole stabilization. Shop online at .com today.

Fluted Reamer

Purchase a Agyad Fluted Reamer to experience faster, smoother cutting action, longer drill life and more successful bores each day.

Pulling Head

he Pulling Head helps protect pipe during installation. It fuses to the Weak Link and leads the new polyethylene pipe through the trench or bore.